ahd-front8bbb-copyAttention to detail and functionality creates the basis in interior designer Anna Hansson’s designs and although she is happy to design from modern to classic her style is somewhat reflected in her Scandinavian inheritance. While now being based in south of Sweden she lived and worked in London, UK, for 17 years. As a creative director she provides bespoke interior architecture / design as well as visual merchandising services with the aim to create unique interiors to match you lifestyle needs. She also educates in how to design homes and commercial spaces.

Contact:,    (+46) 07256 99933

The Design Process

Residential Projects

Commercial Projects

Visual Merchandising Projects

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29e4dc4ec069d16a52b1a1efe97ad4a8With a passion for distinct, timeless and excellent quality interior design projects  Anna has been commissioned with design experiences of residential and commercial interior design and visual merchandising projects in England, Sweden, Norway, Israel, France, Dubai, Oman and Saudi Arabia both as employed and in her own business. During the years Anna has been blessed with a portfolio that has grown to involve private home owners to property developments, hotels, retails stores and fairs. Busy lifestyles creates a demand for homes,  work and leisure environments to submit to tailor-made design solutions. 


75397707_169936157443564_5965198116049453626_nBy providing bespoke services and products good and high quality that lasts is provided. The process is quite long with bespoke products and services due to the production timeline but with the designs and manufacture and installation done well through qualified and knowledgable interior design you will receive a personlaised result that lasts. Anna believe that less is more but that each and every material object that we possess in an environment should play a role in any chosen space.

Exodus 31:3-11


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