ANNA HANSSON provides interior architecture / design as well as visual merchandising services for private, residential and commercial clients. She can design a chosen or a few rooms or a whole building depending on your preferences.

There are five methods on which to hire the interior design services:

  • STYLING – from 7860 SEK
  • PROCUREMENT – 560 SEK/hr or according to invoice.
  • SITE MEETINGS – 560 SEK/hr

For information about visual merchandising services please inquire within.


prepare your property before a sale of the property or have your home or property dressed up. This is where you have the chance to raise the interest from the viewers as well as the price of the property. The styling service starts with a consultation onsite where we walk-through the property together. A to-do list is later being presented in writing for you to do some of the initial work on the property styling. The day of the photographing we arrive to finalise the styling of the property. Please note that larger interiors such as furniture, lighting, paintings, rugs etc are not included within the styling. If this is wanted or needed it can be suggested and priced additionally. Costs for fresh flowers and greenery is added after agreement.

Walk-through consultation service,

a walk-through together with Anna in your property where she gives advice about altering the interiors of the rooms. It is advised that you bring a pen and paper to write down the information from the consultation. The price for the consultation is 860 SEK/ hour. Since the consultation only lasts for a few hours this service comprises a small amount of a fee comparing with a full interior architectural service. If you, after the Walk-through consultation, decide to hire a full interior architectural design service the time spent in the walk-through consultation will be deducted from the Walk-through service.

Interior Design Service,

The design process is divided into 4-6 stages based on the needs of your project.

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Core Concept Design
  3. Concept Design Development
  4. Specification and technical detailing
  5. Procurement
  6. Contractors/ project management

1 Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting we meet up outside of the intended site to discuss the plans and ideas of the project in order to get a full understanding of your individual preferences, lifestyle requirements, stylistic ideas, your budget, needs and goals surrounding the project so that we can determine whether or not Anna is the right designer to help. A client questionnaire may be handed out which you will be able to fill in while in the meeting. The meeting lasts for approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Please note that overseas clients meetings can be organised via the internet, email and telephone correspondence.

2. Core Concept Design

A concept is being worked on based on the information gathered in stage 1. The concept design presentation can include a mood board, sets of plans, illustrations and samples of finishes and furniture. Anna can work closely with you or independently during this stage of the design process. The Core Concept Design stage sets the foundation for the design outcome of the project. Access to the site will be needed for survey purposes.

3. Concept Development

A full space planning comprising of

showersketch©anna hansson design

functional and adequately sized living spaces and detailed, bespoke and aesthetically pleasing coordination of personal and lifestyle designs are introduced. We marry architecture with light with form, function and one-off interior pieces. Finishes, furniture and dressing items are sourced and introduced.

If structural alterations form part of the development we will work with architects or structural engineers to detail these. There might incur a cost for these.

A whole set of plans and elevations are provided where needed which includes an existing layout, proposed layout, lighting layout, small power layout, joinery details and wall layout. FF&E mood boards are presented. Computerized 3D drawings can be provided at cost.

a-home-in-lononds-kensington-master-bedroom-c2a9anna-hansson-design-ltd-k64. Specifications and Technical Detailing.

Building and decoration specificationsand drawings for the project are provided. These are highly desirable documents used for the procurement of the products and to detail the works required to the contractor for quotation purposes and to guide the activities of the contractor during the project itself.

*From this stage of the design development you will have the choice to take the presentation provided into your own hands to acquire your own similar designs and products for the project however we would like recommend that you would let us take your project straight through to the development of specifications and FF&E procurement and project completion.

If you want us to order the products a deposit of 100% against detailing quotation for materials is required to facilitate ordering.

5. Post Design Involvement

A procurement service is available in which we supply wall and floor finishes, fabrics, furniture, decorative lighting and accessories. A detailed quotation is supplied for the clients approval prior to the placement of any purchase orders. A deposit of 100% against detailing quotation for materials i required to facilitate the order.

OnsGdn_Reception 2sketch - Copy
Media, fireplace and storage joinery unit built by crafts workmen in accordance with Anna Hanssons architectural interior design drawings.

6. Contractors and site meetings.

We work with a number of contractors, bespoke joinerers etc that we are happy to bring on board your project in order to secure a successful outcome of the designs provided.

We can visit the project site on regular basis and meet the contractors to ensure that the project is moving along in accordance with the proposed drawings and specifications.

Contracts – A full design service and a property dressing and styling service is available to property development businesses. We reserve the right to decide the commercial status of any potential project and proof of status will be required.

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